How to write an iPhone app

The Apple iPhone has become one of the most popular devices in the world. This has caused a sudden surge in mobile application development. If you’re reading this you probably have an awesome idea for an iPhone app but don’t know how to get it onto the app store and get it earning, this blog has useful information which is constantly being updated helping you turn your iPhone app idea into reality, whether you are a programmer, designer, or a rookie! My aim is to help you get your app developed, published onto the app store and finally provide you with marketing tips.

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how to write an iphone app

How to write an iPhone app – Anyone can do it!

this picture shows you how to write an iphone appYou may be thinking to know how to write an iPhone app you will need a Mac computer and the programming software that is used, is only compatible on a Mac. This is not true. There are plenty of different types of iPhone app development software which can be run on Windows such as Flash CS5, GameSalad and GNUStep. If you have your heart set on using software such as xCode which is specific to Mac, you can always run a virtual machine within your computer such a VMware.

If you’re like most people you don’t know how to write an iPhone app, you can’t code, you can’t design. Don’t worry it’s just as easy for you to create your winning iPhone app idea too. You can do this by outsourcing your iPhone app idea to a developer over the internet. I will discuss all of the different options in detail on my blog page

Now that you know it is possible for anybody to create their own application for the iPhone. Your app obviously has to be something that others find interesting and addictive, and has not already been developed. You should talk to your friends, family and check out a few social forums and blogs to find out what they would be interested in for the iPhone or offer your ideas and see if they would be interested in it. They may suggest other ideas to make your app even cooler.

Once you have your ideas, you are going to want to note down everything that the application will do and how it will look. You want to spend time on this process because it will be much harder to incorporate them into a later design.

images displaying how to write an iphone appOnce you have a ‘draft’ version of your app, show it to your friends and family and take on board there recommendations such as ease of use, how it works and what the iPhone app looks like. Take their criticisms in a constructive way and if necessary adapt your design. Once your app is complete, upload it to the Apple website and it will become downloadable to the entire world. You will need to sign up to the Developers Program. You can do this at the App store it costs $99 dollars a year.

Now you know how to write an iphone app, the most important part of the process comes into action, marketing! If done correctly your application can very easily become successful. This article provides you with some essential marketing techniques to get your iPhone app off to a flying start!

Best of luck writing an iphone app, if you have any questions about make an iphone app please fill out the contact form below and I will get back to as soon as possible.

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  • Devonte says:

    I want to make an app. How do I do it

  • Peter says:

    my apps being made at the moment, how do i get people to buy it?

    • will says:

      First off get your friends and family to buy it, maybe do a facebook page. Check out ‘blog’ and theres an article in there about marketing iPhone apps.

  • Adaline says:

    this post should be printed out and installed in every school.

  • Great guide plus easy so that you can recognize description. Exactly how can I actually approach getting authorization so that you can post component of your post at my upcoming newsletter? Providing proper consumer credit back a article writer plus website to your web-site wouldn’t often be a problem.

  • jenny Shield says:

    Super article it is without doubt. I have been searching for this info.

  • Great. I am new here but will be visiting more often as you have done a good job.


  • Zan says:

    This is a great article to get you started in making your app and getting it ready to sell. This also lets you know that it doesn’t take a genus to do it.

  • Crystal says:

    I really wanna learn how to make apps. Please help.

  • Sophia says:


    how ho whow how how how

  • eric says:

    i would like to know whether is it possible to have an app that supports forum apart from other functions? also if i can please know about a couple of apps on the apple store that supports forum and that all the users of the app can actually read the posts made by one another.

  • Crystal Krauter says:

    Can you recommend a reputable app developer? I have a great idea, but the actual development is the issue I am facing. I would appreciate it. Thank you!

  • Al ringelheim says:

    Have an idea for an app need someone to write it

  • Lynn says:

    I heard that you can only develop apps with a MAC in order for them and the icons to be accepted by iTunes.
    Is that correct or not? Thank you

  • Aaron Smith says:

    Once the app has been written and being marketed, how is the profit percentage worked out for the the person with the idea and the programmer? or does the programmer accept their once off fee? and how much does iTunes take in from each sale?

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