The BEST iPhone app development software

I think I may have found one of the most awesome android and iPhone app development software going. It’s easy to use, powerful and relatively cheap. BUT it’s currently free, there is a beta!!

I think when it finally does come out it will be $99 which is nothing compared to its competitors. By no means am I associated with these guys. In fact I even asked them if I could become an affiliate (because I’m a greedy little shite) but they said no :( Continue reading

So? You have an idea for an app. Who doesn’t?

You have an idea for an app? This article has the the important bit which the majority of people forget:

Have you ever bought something you’ve never heard? Doesn’t makes sense does it? Because you can’t buy something you haven’t heard of. Similarly, you can’t sell something that anyone has ever heard of. It’s just about exposure and marketing. Marketing is a part of any business, why business, it’s a part of everyday life. Don’t you want to look good to make heads turn on the street? Don’t you want to sound funny to get invited into a conversation? Continue reading

Brainstorming AWESOME iPhone app ideas

An idea can change the world. Many people say that, they go on to glorify how many lives an idea can change and how important it is to put that “idea” into use, sell the idea, market it and make sure more people come to know and use it. Well that’s all fine, but how on earth am I going to get that idea? Continue reading

Making iPad 3 Apps – The Early Bird Gets Filthy Rich

Making iPad 3 apps!? Just when the world thought the iPad2 was the coolest and the hottest gadget ever made, we were woken up to a better device. The iPad3!

IPad3 is the most awaited and will quite easily be the biggest release this year; well at least it is the biggest in the first quarter. And the first quarter year 2012 has already seen some of the biggest releases in mobile gaming and telecoms.  Continue reading

How to make a FREE mobile friendly websites for your mobile phone marketing campaign.

Here is your free marketing gift from Web Chemistry. Smart phones and mobile technology is literally exploding right now. According to Google 500,000 android phones are activated ever day! And this number is rapidly rising, current projections state there will be 24 billion mobile devices by 2020. Today we have a free web design mobile website and QR (quick response) code to help your marketing campaigns go viral! So your customers can easily give you a call. Continue reading

Make a blog website for free for your app

As I have told you before, it is crucial that you have a website for you iPhone app. It is a big part of the marketing. Having a website will give your iPhone app an online presence, when people search for your app, you want your website to come up so you can forward them to itunes, or tell them about upcoming news. Continue reading

How to market an iphone app by getting reviews and comments in the app store

So you’ve got your app and it’s up and available on the app store, brilliant! But wait, its looking pretty lonely, no reviews, no star ratings, hell no one’s even found it in the directory yet. Don’t despair about your app or the work you’ve put in; there are ways to teach you how to market an iphone app so it doesn’t languish lonely and starless forever. Use your mates, partner, family or even acquaintances. Continue reading

Software to make iPhone apps

With apples immense and ever increasing popularity there are now so many more way’s to program, create and write an iPhone app. The best part of this is that for those of you who are; creative, brimming with idea’s, and haven’t the first clue about java script, Objective-C or any other of that programmers talk; you can still make your app! Continue reading

How to Make an iPad App

The relatively large screen of the iPad provides a lot more room for adding features and making it visually appealing, as compared to apps for the iPhone or other smart phones. Continue reading

Where To Find iPhone App Programmers At A Reasonable Cost

With so many people buying the newest and greatest iPhones, its no wonder the App Market has exploded with so many new titles. IPhone users have access to games, business applications, social media, and much more at the touch of a button. How do you turn your idea into an App if you do not have any programming experience? Continue reading

Developing Vs Outsourcing An iPhone App

The iPhone is a popular platform, and many businesses are getting applications developed to use to promote their brand and engage with their customers. If you want to create an app for your brand, then one of the first things you will need to consider is the pros and cons of developing vs outsourcing an iPhone app. Continue reading

iPhone App Development on Windows

There are several different programs & methods which allow iPhone app development on windows. You can download one of the programs below, they usually have a free trial so you can try it out. If you use your time efficiently the trial version maybe long enough to develop your app. Continue reading

How To Use Flash iPhone CS5 To Develop Apps

The previous restriction has now been lifted the latest version of Flash has an added new feature called flash iPhone Cs5 which allows you to develop apps for the iPhone. Once your app is completed there is an option to automatically export it to the app store within Flash iPhone Cs5. Continue reading

Marketing iPhone Apps

When it comes to marketing iPhone apps then there are several things you can do in order to really get your idea out there to as many people as possible. If you do not spend a reasonable amount of time marketing iPhone apps it then there really was no point in you developing the application in the first place so it is important that you have a clearly thought out strategy on how to tell people about it before you start work on making it in the first place. Continue reading