How To Use Flash iPhone CS5 To Develop Apps

The previous restriction has now been lifted the latest version of Flash has an added new feature called flash iPhone Cs5 which allows you to develop apps for the iPhone. Once your app is completed there is an option to automatically export it to the app store within Flash iPhone Cs5.

The default view is three hundred twenty pixels by four hundred eighty pixels. This is what the phone’s full screen resolution will look like on a vertical axis. If the app that you have chosen is in landscape, you can actually set this in a later option. Alternatively, you can go ahead and code it as it is and just rotate the interface ninety degrees to your right later on.

flash iphone cs5 diagramPorting the interface should be easy as you will usually only need to copy and paste. Try it out for yourself and see if you are satisfied with the result. If not, you will have to adjust the graphics yourself; tinker with the vectors or bitmaps so that the size and alignment of the elements are satisfactory. Texts that looks okay on your computer now may look very small on your phone.

The next field is the aspect ratio. This is what was being discussed earlier. You can change this depending on what works best for your app. If you want it to fill the entire screen upon launch, choose the full screen option. You can also use auto orientation to automatically change the way it displays, but this might affect the text and other graphics. You might also want to set the rendering to GPU to allow it to render the graphics faster. Lastly, make sure that you include all of the text or image files are included in this screen.

Flash iPhone CS5

You can also select the launch image which will be displayed while the application is loading. You can use any image, provided that it is three hundred twenty by four hundred eighty pixels. In the deployment tab, add in your certificate and app ID information. When deploying, select the correct option based on your certificate as well as the provisioning profile that you have. This is important as you can then easily submit the application directly to the store.

Now that you have the more technical parts completed, you can select the kind of icon that you want to be displayed. You must have three sizes: twenty nine pixels square, fifty seven pixels square and five hundred pixels square. Once you have all the details done, hit the publish button. You should see a progress bar filling in. It may take some more time if you are also deploying your app.

All that’s left is to test it out, sync it with your phone, and then test it out. Using flash iPhone CS5 is very easy, but if it’s your first time, try out the simplest flash file that you have. Porting it is no problem if you follow the steps listed above.

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