How to market an iphone app by getting reviews and comments in the app store

So you’ve got your app and it’s up and available on the app store, brilliant! But wait, its looking pretty lonely, no reviews, no star ratings, hell no one’s even found it in the directory yet. Don’t despair about your app or the work you’ve put in; there are ways to teach you how to market an iphone app so it doesn’t languish lonely and starless forever. Use your mates, partner, family or even acquaintances.

Its not just the Beatles that get by with a little help from there friends you can too, by getting them involved in the reviews and comments. Honestly it’s a two minute job once you’ve downloaded iTunes,

  1. find the app
  2. download
  3. rate and write a review

and your done!

How to market an iphone app for a fiver

how to market an iphone app using fiverr.comIf you don’t have any friends with iPhones you can always pay people on to review your app for just $5 simply type in app review into the search bar and there will be a long list of people who will review your app sometimes on multiple accounts, for just $5! You can also get people to advertise your app on the blog, Facebook page, YouTube channel for just $5 also.

If your friends do own an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Try putting a plea out on your social media for example,

“hey does anyone own an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad? Just made a new app and need some reviews, here’s the link for it <your link> please download and write a nice review and give me some stars!”

Don’t be embarrassed to ask them for help, you’d be surprised how many of your friends are willing to download and write a review. Also once you know who has these devices don’t be afraid to take down their emails and ask every time you make a new app, there is no shame in using your friends as resources, but you may have to buy them a beer as payment next time they are down the pub.

how to market an iphone app using your friends to write reviewsJust think of your poor lonely app, no stars and no reviews, next time you see someone getting their iPhone out go over and introduce yourself, you’ve made a cool new app for them to try out, offer them a drink, coffee anything as payment for them to quickly download, review and rate! And don’t be too precious about offering to reimburse them the cost of the app you will make money on later downloads that their review could influence, this is just to get the app started.

Now how should you be asking people to review it? The standard, “this app is awesome!” or, “what a brilliant app.”  Are always good for a quick review but people may start getting suspicious when every review is exactly the same and totally generic. So think up some key things about your app that are good; the graphics, how easy it is to use, and what tremendous fun it is! Obviously they have to be relevant there is no use in having your online banking app reviewed as, “so much fun and totally addictive!” that’s just not what people are looking for in an online banking app. How to market an iphone app can take time, but this is one of the quickest and most effective ways.

write an iphone app
how to write an iphone app

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