So? You have an idea for an app. Who doesn’t?

You have an idea for an app? Now here’s the important bit which the majority of people forget:

Have you ever bought something you’ve never heard? Doesn’t makes sense does it? Because you can’t buy something you haven’t heard of. Similarly, you can’t sell something that anyone has ever heard of. It’s just about exposure and marketing. Marketing is a part of any business, why business, it’s a part of everyday life. Don’t you want to look good to make heads turn on the street? Don’t you want to sound funny to get invited into a conversation?

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Many people fail to realise this; smart chums with big brains generally don’t bother about business. But in reality your good idea for an app only works when it’s well marketed. The biggest things that everyone is hooked onto and creating new things every other day are the iPhone apps, but you will soon realise having an idea for an app isn’t enough you need to think of ways to market it, get the user to share it, talk about it, and keep them coming back so they click on your ads!

using the internet for your idea for an appIPhone apps as we all know are the most widely used tools or apps in the world today; or at least the cool people use it. Where do these apps come from? A general answer would be from the apple store or online, or if you’re a smarty, you would know some really cool websites that the regular guys haven’t heard of. Clearly today, as claimed by apple there are close to 20,000 apps on the apple store, in reality there might be close to 35,000 apps spanning across the www.

Why doesn’t apple account for those? For starters, Apple has always believed in delivering goodies and making profits. That’s why we have millions across the globe taxing their wallets and maxing their credit cards to buy an apple. When you know everything you have to know, you obviously won’t mind the debt. And that’s the chord everyone needs to strike. Transfer Information.

There are millions of smart people who make apps as a hobby, time pass or to earn an extra buck. But if no one knows you, no one is going to buy you. That’s where the unaccounted 15,000 apps go. Are you starting to see why an idea for an app simply isn’t enough.

Selling your app, is the next phase and quite clearly an important part of the app development cycle. As told earlier, this can be solved by asking that simple question to yourself; if I were to buy an app, where would I look for? Apple store, file share sites, freelancers selling their apps on their sites or blogs, facebook pages, or if nothing else then just google iphone apps and lookup the huge list of places where you can get apps.

Test your idea for an app on friends and family

one of my idea for an appIf you’re a newbie, then you can start by understanding how things work, or how other successful app makers are selling themselves. When it comes to finding customers, it doesn’t always have to be online, you can sell your apps at school, create a small FTP group with your friends and share your apps. Of course, you need to set your strategy based on your interest and applife. If your’re looking for a quick buck then just go online and post about your published app everywhere (not your app idea!). Places that allow you to post for free that is. But if you’re planning on staying in this field for a long time, then you need to pace yourself to last long.

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You might take a hit in the beginning and not make a lot of money or publicity, but you’ll learn. Because honestly, it isn’t about what you know, but about what you can learn. I hope your idea for an app becomes successful.


One Response to So? You have an idea for an app. Who doesn’t?

  • Nemanja says:

    Hello there! Well I had an idea when it comes to missing people. My friends brother went missing, there was volunteers looking for him for weeks but they eventually found out that he was dead.
    If we could create an app that would be able to use and help people find their loved ones faster, that would be great! It would be used by the camera for face regognition or height recongnition.
    It could say the person’s last clothing and details.
    I think that if we took pictures of us and our family and put it on the app, so if at any time somebody did go missing you could just type their name etc.
    Let me know if this is any good!

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