iPhone App Development on Windows

There are several different programs & methods which allow iPhone app development on windows. You can download one of the programs below, they usually have a free trial so you can try it out. If you use your time efficiently the trial version maybe long enough to develop your app.

iPhone App Development on Windows Different Programs

iPhone app development on windows diagramFlash CS5 is one of the most popular programs for iPhone app development on Windows. Although it does not perform at high speed you are still able to navigate through the phone as if it were a computer.

The Airplay SDK program is also a great gaming application that allows you to create game applications on a windows. Airplay compiles the code that is native to the iphone. Many gaming apps have already been created using this method and are available in the app store.

Appcelerator titanium is another program that is very popular. It is limited in performance because of the certain servers that help it run during the use of it. Many say this program is strictly for use when trying to create basic applications on the phone. Apps are limited in performance because even though they can be sent to the app store they are html/javascript based, if you have a basic knowledge of html this could be a solution right for you.

One of the interface designing programs that uses the phones framework to provide functionality is called Genuitec Mobione. This program only runs on windows itself and allows you to create applications using other website technologies. It also allows you to run certain programs through different servers to see which function works best for you and your app.

Dragon fire SDK although very similar to the Airplay SDK, although it gives you a source code to help you start creating your app.

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