Where To Find iPhone App Programmers At A Reasonable Cost

With so many people buying the newest and greatest iPhones, its no wonder the App Market has exploded with so many new titles. IPhone users have access to games, business applications, social media, and much more at the touch of a button. How do you turn your idea into an App if you do not have any programming experience?

Find iPhone App Programmers

where to find iphone app programmersFinding the right programmer to fit any budget, but still deliver great results is a high priority. While there are offline businesses to contact, the cost will probably be above your budget. Websites used for finding online work make it easy to find a potential provider who can give the best results, while not breaking the bank.

This isn’t to say pick the lowest price possible, instead go with a candidate with proven experience and previous work samples provided to pick the right fit.

Where to find iPhone App Programmers

Where can you find iphone app programmers? Online freelance work sites provide venues for clients and contractors to find each other to get your job done. You simply sign up for an account and post a project and wait for the bids to come in. It’s free to post a job on most of these sites, as the company takes its commission off the contractor’s amount, roughly 10% of the price. As its free I post the job multiple times at different times of the day, so I have a higher choice of candidates.

Clients are able to set up work for hire jobs, that is the contractor is paid once the job is completed, or hourly projects. Clients may also interview a contractor before hiring anyone, to find the right fit. I personally use oDesk, I find you get the best candidates.

Signing Up to oDesk

It’s easy to create an account. Simply fill out the form under Create an Account. Once the account is set up, fill out the profile and let contractors know what the business is all about. Having a profile encourages contractors that this is a real company they are dealing with, and not one likely to vanish into thin air.

Post a Job on oDesk

find iphone app programmers on the internetWhen posting a job you want to be as specific as possible, so your app is made exactly how you want it, I would always attach a PowerPoint presentation going into detail about how you want it to look and what you want it to do.

Before posting a job, make sure all relevant information has been obtained, and the perimeters of the job are in place. Check the categories carefully, and place the job in the correct sub-category – if it’s placed in the wrong section, the right contractor won’t be able to find it. Decide if the job should be posted to the general marketplace or into a group where the skills set will be more specific.

Click on My Jobs, and then spell out in detail what the job needs to be completed, including relevant skills required. This description will help potential contractors decide if they should bid on the job. At this point, don’t post contact information like email or phone number, that part can come during the interview and selection process. Choose which category and sub-category the job will be posted to, and pick an appropriate title for the listing.

Choose between an hourly project and a fixed price one. For each of these, provide an estimated workload, and end date for the contractor. Then set the visibility for the job listing to either public, (anyone can see it) or private, meaning the contractors are invited to bid. Before posting the job, list any additional requirements like preferred location of the contractor, skills test the contractor has passed, portfolio requirements and feedback ratings.

Finally post the job, and if any changes need to be made, simply go to My Jobs – Job Postings and make any edits needed. At this point, waiting for bids is certainly one choice; however searching for contractors to work on the project can wield better results.

Interview and Hire iPhone app programmers

interview iphone app programmersOnce several contractors have bid, or have been invited to bid, its time to interview and hire the right programmer. Review every application and read through them carefully, picking the ones with the skill set required. Invite those candidates to interview and ask questions that will give the results needed. Even though oDesk provides a means to interview each contractor, it’s possible to set up an email, chat or Skype interview if the client prefers. Once the interview process is done, choose the best contractor suited to the project’s needs and begin work.

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