Make a blog website for free for your app

How to make a successful blog

As I have told you before, it is crucial that you have a website for you iPhone app. It is a big part of the marketing. Having a website will give your iPhone app an online presence, when people search for your app, you want your website to come up so you can forward them to itunes, or tell them about upcoming news.

How to make a blog website for free

Make a blog website for free for your appThe trouble is, make a blog website is expensive. The hosting tends to be atleast $100 a year, the domain is about $30 a year and the cost of a developer is usually a minimum of $1000.

But there are other ways you can make a blog website which is completely free, view the video about to see how.

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  • myka m says:

    I am on a palm pre so I can’t see your viideo… I guess the flash used in this vid isn’t supported on my phone. Is thereany other place I can view this video? Or maybe a copy that isn’t using the html5 trial?

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