Making iPad 3 Apps – The Early Bird Gets Filthy Rich

Making iPad 3 apps!? Just when the world thought the iPad2 was the coolest and the hottest gadget ever made, we were woken up to a better device. The iPad3!

IPad3 is the most awaited and will quite easily be the biggest release this year; well at least it is the biggest in the first quarter. And the first quarter year 2012 has already seen some of the biggest releases in mobile gaming and telecoms. 

make iPad 3 appsThe Ipad3 comes with the regular improvements in battery, camera and connectivity. These were the obvious changes. But what got everyone really impressed is the new screen. The screen of Ipad3 is a lot sharper and brighter than the 2012 released ipad2.  In fact, with the kind of Pixel density the Ipad3 brings, some people thought iPad HD would have made a better name.

The increased screen resolution and the improvised brightness and lighting of the screen are prised changes that will make apple users proud. These advancements to the screen have led way to new features like HD TV and HD video streaming. Improvised video and HD experience opens up avenues for more HD apps. With TV, Movies and sports going HD these days, the new improved ipad is going to be your new found love.

This HD fever and the leap that Apple Inc has taken with ipad3 has opened up opportunities. Its not natural for people to want to experience more and more of this high quality display. But what do they look at? A handful of movies or one or two ball games here and there? That’s hardly an experience. So, this leads to the opening of a huge market for HD.

Now is the best time to start making iPad 3 apps!

making ipad 3 apps with easeApps have always been a proud part of whatever Apple comes up with. The new display opens up a huge audience for better video experience. This in turn gives way for making HD apps. These apps could be simple entertainment gimmicks or small videos. Everyone is going to want a piece of this HD experience.  One shouldn’t be surprised if the app downloads just surged up all of a sudden. And this sudden surge is obviously brought about by the new screen. If people are willing to try out new things, experiment a little, and want to put the new screen to the test, then there couldn’t be a better time to start developing apps.

With more and more people owning iPads, the race now is to have the best and the awesome-est app around. And what better than an app that works around the newest iPad and brings out the best in the best. For all aspiring app developers or amateurs and school kids who’ve already been making small apps there couldn’t be a better time to cash in and start making iPad 3 apps. Lots of people have been trying hard to make apps that are better to look at or simply seem surreal. The problem with them was that they were way ahead of time. But not any more, the ipad3 is all that we’ve been waiting for.

If you’ve been making apps for, then this is your best time and if you’ve just started making apps, then this is your only and best time to start making iPad 3 apps. Use it!

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