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When it comes to marketing iPhone apps then there are several things you can do in order to really get your idea out there to as many people as possible. If you do not spend a reasonable amount of time marketing iPhone apps it then there really was no point in you developing the application in the first place so it is important that you have a clearly thought out strategy on how to tell people about it before you start work on making it in the first place.

marketing iphone apps pie chartOf course the best places to begin are websites which potential buyers visit on a regular basis so look out for specific communities by searching through the internet. It is important that you do not just join and spam your app to them as this is going to have a negative effect but instead become a valued member by posting useful information and then guide them towards what it is that you have developed.

When marketing iPhone apps you should also take full advantage of the social network sites but do not just focus on just the big ones, as less popular versions can still generate interest for your app. Once again you need to become a member there and do not just hit them with your sales pitch so look at building a following as people are then a lot more likely to then have an interest in buying whatever it is that you have developed.

If you are able to make a video detailing what your app is capable of doing then you should consider uploading it to the likes of YouTube and then promoting the fact that they can watch it in action before they think about buying. This is a popular way of trying to market it as people are more likely to buy something once they see what it does for themselves rather than just reading some text so it is worth your while trying to create a video no matter how short it is in order to take advantage of this.

As you browse through the internet you it is noticeable that review sites are very important in and more people are now looking at what is said on them about various products before they part with their cash. You should therefore look at getting some positive reviews placed on these sites as they can really help boost your sales.

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When Marketing iPhone Apps Make a Website

You should also consider having a website dedicated to your app and then look at marketing the site through methods such as blogging.  You can use free blogs such a WordPress or Blogger. This method of having a small website is particularly good if your app is a niche product as you can then work at pushing the site further up the search engine results and just have a link on your site to wherever they can buy it so with some SEO you should start to see more sales coming in quite quickly.

It really is essential that you market your app in several locations because whilst some methods may work for one application that does not necessarily mean it shall work for another. Keep a close eye on what is getting you the best returns and then look at how you can tweak what it is that you are doing in order to make more money.

Get Exposure When Marketing iPhone Apps

Try contacting:

  • App Review Sites
  • YouTubers that do iPhone app reviews
  • Bloggers that write about on iPhone apps

Politely ask them if they can review you app. Briefly describe what your app does and why it’s awesome!

The best part about using the methods mentioned above is that they are completely free to do but if you have the budget you should also look at perhaps buying some advertising space on websites directly related to the phone or the community of users, or Facebook advertising. This does not have to be very expensive and the returns that you get can be substantial but it does come down to having a well designed advert and of course having an app that people want.

So when it comes to marketing iPhone apps you can see that there are many different routes you can go down and you should try as many of them as possible in order to boost awareness of the app that you have developed. Keep working on marketing iPhone apps and do not think that posting your app just once on a particular message board it will be enough as it is essential that you keep it fresh in prospective buyers minds or you shall quickly find that your app shall slink away into the background along with thousands of other apps that people have developed over the years.

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how to write an iphone app

2 Responses to Marketing iPhone Apps

  • John milton says:

    Hi. I love your website. Very useful. I have an app that I think will be revolutionary. I need to get Facebook approval since it uses Facebook info. I am afraid to send them the idea. My questions are…

    1. How can I protect myself from someone else stealing the idea? As far as I know apps are very difficult and expensive to patent
    2. If I send to Facebook is there a chance they will simply reject and steal the idea?

    Thanks a million,

    • Deanna says:

      I recommend the “Poor Man’s Patent.” Once you have your app fully documented, mail a copy to yourself. Unopened it provides proof of your prior ownership with the post office’s date stamp.

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