How to make a FREE mobile friendly websites for your mobile phone marketing campaign.

Here is your free marketing gift from Web Chemistry. Smart phones and mobile technology is literally exploding right now. According to Google 500,000 android phones are activated ever day! And this number is rapidly rising, current projections state there will be 24 billion mobile devices by 2020.

Today we have a free web design mobile website and QR (quick response) code to help your marketing campaigns go viral! So your customers can easily give you a phone marketingYour QR code can be embedded in anything you print such as business cards, flyers and merchandise. And when scanned each piece of stationary will take your customers to your free personal mobile web page. Your webpage will have a video, a simple call to action and a big phone me now button.

Simply visit:
Enter your details to the right of the page. And you will instantly receive your mobile websites and QR code completely free.

After entering your details, press the next step button to preview your page and get your QR code. A sample of the mobile page preview is given below. In addition to your Mobile web page and QR code. Give your mobile phone marketing a boost and create mobile website then download best mobile friendly websites.

2 Responses to How to make a FREE mobile friendly websites for your mobile phone marketing campaign.

  • Mark D says:

    A couple of things that would be good on a mobile website is : contests offers , discounts, hints of things you like or want to promote. This all sounds good and it`s free. I don`t think you can beat the free thing – I`m going to sign up and start my page after I figure what I want on it.

    I`m going to put a link to from my website to help people understand the topic of mobile and help with their efforts. I try to keep information on my site Make a Sizzling Website current and this will help me with that today.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for your help.

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