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With apples immense and ever increasing popularity there are now so many more way’s to program, create and write an iPhone app. The best part of this is that for those of you who are; creative, brimming with idea’s, and haven’t the first clue about java script, Objective-C or any other of that programmers talk; you can still make your app! You could use any of the methods I have previously described in my blog or some of the specific software to make iPhone apps that I’m about to describe. Each of these methods have their own strengths and weaknesses so make sure you choose the software best suited to app you want to create.

Software to make iPhone apps Swebapps:

software to make iphone apps swebThis software is online and designed for small business owners. The features include: audio galleries, photo galleries, events, contact information and lots of other features specifically marketed at being useful for small business owners. It is also brilliant for non-profit organizations as they waiver the development fee. The look of your app can be customized within their templates. My view on this software is that it’s really simple to use and good for its limited functionality but it is only really useful as a sort of shop front app for your business. There is also no guarantee that it will be approved by apple but they will either refund you half the development fee or resubmit it with changes if it doesn’t get accepted. And there will be a hosting fee of $29 or $39 each month.

Software to make iPhone apps MyAppBuilder:

software to make iphone apps my app builderReally impressed by what you can get for your money in this one, there is still the $29 hosting fee, but once you have your blueprints they do all the work. This software is really useful for an interactive music album or book app and you can now add videos. You can create two free apps per month with the subscription fee, so if you want to create multiple apps its really good value for money. However I’m not sure yet what sort of limits there are in this software to make iPhone apps, and there is still no guarantee of a submission to apple.

Software to make iPhone apps GameSalad:

Software to make iPhone apps GameSalad:This is my favorite of the app creators because of the sleek looking, fun games you can create. The major drawback is that you need an apple Mac, but if you have this it’s perfect for quickly creating a game using all your own ideas and creativity at a cost of $99 per year once it’s on the app store. But to start with, there is no cost to create your game before you want to launch it. Their main pull is that there is no programming required and the finished apps have a nice finish.

Those three examples of software to make iPhone apps are good at their own areas of expertise; but as they are all trying to attract a wide audience of inexperienced people trying to make apps, the tendency is for them to stick to templates. This is so that they can quickly publish them and move on to the next customer. I know I have previously mentioned it on my blog before but after looking through these different types of software, I still think the best way to get your totally unique app when you have no programming experience is to outsource a programmer, you have maximum control, and no restrictions.

flash cs5 software to make appsThe latest flash cs5 has an option to produce iPhone apps, if you know how to use flash this is a great option. Although cs5 is expensive, there is a 30 day trial. Which if your organised could be long enough to create an app.

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