The BEST iPhone app development software

I think I may have found one of the most awesome android and iPhone app development software going. It’s easy to use, powerful and relatively cheap. BUT it’s currently free, there is a beta!!

I think when it finally does come out it will be $99 which is nothing compared to its competitors. By no means am I associated with these guys. In fact I even asked them if I could become an affiliate (because I’m a greedy little shite) but they said no :(

Anyway let’s get back to it, here is why this software is the best android and iPhone app development software going:

  • When you develop your app, you can publish it on as many platforms as possible, and as effortlessly as possible, in order to maximise the exposure and profit that it can achieve.
  • You can develop apps in html 5 which can be used on any website or turned into a Facebook app.
  • You can develop apps for iOs, Android, Microsoft windows, Mac and symbian. With one click.
  • You can add advertising code in there from admob or other alternatives.

You can also test it on different devices instantly, it’s a bit of hassle to set up, you need to download some SDK and play around for a bit. But they have lots of tutorials on their website which helps.

android app development softwareNo coding is required, but you can if you want to. Although I never have, partly because I can’t but mainly because I have needed to.

You create a sprite by uploading an image with a transparent background (so use a .png image) then I like to put “precise collision tracking” that way when your image collides with another object it precise. Then you create an object and select your sprite. You then simply drag and drop actions to get the object to do what you want. Whether it’s move towards another object, or be destroyed when you tap it. You are going to love this android and iPhone app development software.

leftclick iphone app softwareOh, and another thing which confused me, the left click on the mouse is the same as tapping the touch screen. It is great software just have a play with it, and stick with it. You don’t have to worry about learning a programming language.

iPhone app development software Showcase

These apps have been created using this software:

iphone app development sotware showcase

Here is the link to get the beta android and iPhone app development software, have fun:

I’m afraid the betas no longer available :(

how to write an app

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